About International Shipping.


The shipping cost is tentatively shown as 9999 yen due to the high fluctuation of shipping cost to overseas.

If you inquire before ordering, we will let you know after confirming the shipping cost.

If you tell me the item you want and the quantity, I can let you know the exact shipping cost.

If you want to check the shipping cost by yourself, please use the following website.

(Please add 200 JPY shipping fee to the shipping fee below.)


1. Type of items to be sent : Package

2. Select the weight of items to be sent : 300g (Probably 200 ~ 300 g)

3. Select the prefecture from which the item is sent : Hokkaido

4. Select the country or region to which the item is addressed : Destination country/region

For reference, the delivery times so far are...

- Canada (EMS) 7 days

- Belgium (e-Packet) 12 days

- Belarus (e-Packet) about 1 month

To ensure that your order arrives, please enter your shipping address in the "REMARKS" field when placing your order.

We will copy and paste it directly into the shipping address.

Postal Code:.


Full Name:

Phone Number:

Payment fees vary depending on the payment method selected.

PayPal will automatically cancel your order if it is not shipped within 10 days of placing your order, so we recommend that you check our inventory in advance.

We limit the quantity purchased, but if you would like to purchase more than the limit, please contact us.

We also offer wholesale for stores. Please contact us if you are interested.

We look forward to receiving orders from all over the world.